This page is dedicated to honoring outstanding individuals who have contributed exemplary services in support of the Museum's educational mission and to the community. The Board of Directors nominates individuals based on the following criteria:


Founders Award
The Founders Award recognizes an individual who best exemplifies the outstanding qualities of the Regimes Museum, including teamwork, optimism, courage, and sacrifice, and who inspires the exploration and expression of these values through their commitment to the mission of the RM. The Founders Award recognizes those who demonstrate through word and deed an extraordinary dedication to the enduring principles that strengthen democracy in the threat of totalitarianism.


Voice of Freedom Award
The award recognizes those who make unselfish contributions to their community, state, or nation; those who lead by example; and those who exhibit the highest standards of academics, integrity, discipline, and initiative reflective of the mission of the Regimes Museum.

Certificate of Recognition
The Certificate of Recognition honors supporters of the Regimes Museum from donors, volunteers, staff, and members of the Advisory Council. Those recognized by this award have provided honorable service to the Museum’s Mission and programs, have shown outstanding performance in their field that support the Museum, or have made significant contributions to the institution. A Certificate of Recognition for Community Service can, at the behest of the Board of Directors, also be awarded to local individuals, businesses, and families who have provided services to the betterment of our community.

Awardees to Date:

Ralph Pickard, Certificate of Recognition for Honorable Service (2021)

Carl Golden, Certificate of Recognition for Honorable Service (2021)

The content of this museum includes topics of a sensitive nature and may be offensive to some people. All material, physical, audio, and visual, are solely presented and used for scholarly and educational purposes. We do not support or promote the regimes or their ideologies in any way. We seek to present the history of these dictatorships as they were in order for individuals to better comprehend the phenomenon of dictatorship and repression throughout the history of the 20th century and the diverse cultures these entities took root in.

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