The Regimes Museum Podcast project is a podcast for museum staff, historians, regime survivors, historical eyewitnesses, and authors to share their research and stories with the world. In an effort to make resources available to our audience, RM Podcast strives to explore the topics pertinent to our mission and make it easily accessible to the public. Contact us at regimesmuseum@gmail.com if you wish to participate or become a guest on our podcast.

The content of this museum includes topics of a sensitive nature and may be offensive to some people. All material, physical, audio, and visual, are solely presented and used for scholarly and educational purposes. We do not support or promote the regimes or their ideologies in any way. We seek to present the history of these dictatorships as they were in order for individuals to better comprehend the phenomenon of dictatorship and repression throughout the history of the 20th century and the diverse cultures these entities took root in.

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