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Expanded Focus

Regimes Museum is an institution dedicated to the study of tyranny and dictatorship across history and culture in order to understand and ultimately prevent human rights abuses in the present and future. The Museum’s strengths reside largely on what is in the archives and eyewitness history collections. While the core dictatorships that make up the bulk of the collection remains an important area of study for this institution, it seeks to expand beyond the confines of its main research areas to fill in the gaps on a phenomenon that is truly global in its reach and consequences. Thus, while tyranny can take root in any time, place, culture, or society, the museum has an expanded focus collection to include material culture and eyewitness accounts from other dictatorships of the last century and those that exist today.

The objects and artifacts on this page show a snapshot of some of the material the Regimes Museum has in its holdings to help tell the story of lesser known dictatorships and to help shed a clearer light on the interplay between politics and culture of societies that experience/ed tyranny, oppression, and dictatorship.


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