The RM Press is our effort to become an in-house publisher for authors and researchers. The RM Press is an endeavor to bring non-fiction academic publications in the general fields of history and political science to scholars and students. This service started as an off-shoot of the RM Journal and aims to provide a platform for the publication and distribution of full manuscripts instead of articles. Publications are available in paperback and are sold through Amazon.com and book prices are subject to production costs. On submission, your proposal will be read by the appropriate commissioning editor at RM Press who will, if necessary, discuss it with colleagues and/or send it for review by one or more external advisers chosen by us for their specialist and/or market expertise. We are committed to making publishing decisions as swiftly and efficiently as possible.  However, obtaining reviews does take time and if there are any circumstances we should bear in mind from the point of view of timing, please do let us know. We are committed to making publishing decisions as swiftly and efficiently as possible. RM Press is a not-for-profit publisher. At Regimes Museum, we don't publish in order to generate revenue; we generate revenue in order to publish. Therefore, royalties are not awarded to contributors: we contribute all the surplus we generate back to education, through scholarships and educational publishing.


To learn more or submit a proposal for publication, please contact us at regimesmuseum@gmail.com.

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Our topics and areas of publication cover the core research foci of the Regimes Museum, which are broken down below. If you have a manuscript that you wish to publish that you do not see listed but believe would be a good addition to our catalog, please contact us and consult with our commissioning editors. Contact us at regimesmuseum@gmail.com with general inquiries.


We break down historical topics we publish into five general categories. Topics include and are not limited to the following:


Pre-WWI: Ancient Empires, Colonialism, Boer/Zulu War, Crimean War, Napoleonic Wars


WWI: Weapons and tactics, Western/Eastern Front, Tsarist Russia, Imperial Germany, Major Battles, 1914-1918, POWs, Homefront, Women in War, Photo Books of WWI


WWII: Weapons and tactics, Homefront, Holocaust, Inter-war period, Holodomor, Stalinism, Western/Eastern Front Europe, Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, Manchuria, Major Battles, POWs, Women in War, The Resistance, Wartime Spies, Photo Books of WWII


Cold War: East/West Divide, The Warsaw Pact, East Germany, The USSR, Red China, Mao Zedong, North Korea, Korean War, Vietnam War, the Gulag, Socialist and Communist Dictatorships, Communist Yugoslavia, Socialist Albania, Repression, Spycraft, Nuclear War, The Soviets in Afghanistan, Photobooks of the Cold War


Modern Warfare: The Gulf Wars, Middle East Dictatorships, The Arab Spring, Ba’athism, Terrorism, Islamic State, The War over the Falklands, Afghanistan, Wars in Africa, Photo Books of Contemporary Conflicts and dictatorships


We publish everything from peer-reviewed scholarly manuscripts, personal eye-witness accounts, diaries, exhibition catalogs, photo books to reference books. Contact us for further consultation and see the project proposal guidelines below.




We currently do not accept proposals by traditional mail. In order to be considered, please e-mail the following material to regimesmuseum@gmail.com. We'll review every proposal that we receive, although we cannot always reply to unsuccessful proposals and we are not able to provide critiques of manuscripts. If we decide to accept your proposal, we will be in contact within 5 business days after acceptance. Keep in mind that the review process does take time leading up to the acceptance or rejection of all proposals.

1. Proposed title and subtitle


2. Brief description of project’s scope and content

  • Include here a description of what makes your project distinctive. What are the particular benefits offered by its content, scope, organization and/or educational features? What needs does it aim to satisfy?


3. Proposed Content

  • Please attach a chapter by chapter synopsis of the project’s planned content and main argument(s). We appreciate that this is bound to be provisional in some respects but in order to make a fair assessment of the project’s potential, your initial presentation needs to be as detailed as possible (we would therefore suggest at least half a page per chapter).  If you have sample material available, please submit that also.


4. Market and Competition

  • Please indicate the primary market for your project

    • Who are the main academic audiences for the work?

    • Where it the book going to sell in greatest numbers - and your best estimate of market size

  • Please list any secondary markets that may exist for the project.

  • Please list (including author, title and publisher) those publications that your project will be competing with for the end purchaser’s attention and money.  These might not be direct competitors, but simply what your primary readership is buying/using at the moment.  What are the key benefits of your project over and above these other publications that would persuade potential customers to buy it?


5. Additional Information

  • How long do you expect the project to be overall (in thousands of words and/or printed pages)?

  • Have you published any of the material included in the manuscript previously (for example as a journal article or working paper).  If so give details, including details of the publisher of the work.

  • Do you plan to include any third-party material requiring permission?  In general R.M. Press recommends that you keep the inclusion of third party material (such as tables, figures, illustrations, photographs, quotations, epigraphs) to a minimum as seeking permission from copyright holders can be very time consuming.  If you cannot avoid including such material please be aware that it will be your responsibility to obtain permission to use the material in print and online. Please confirm if you intend to include third party material and give details.

  • Will the project include interviews carried out by you or your contributors?  If so please give details.

  • Is the book based on your PhD/PhD research?  If yes, is your thesis available electronically anywhere, e.g. an institutional repository?

  • If your proposal stems from a specific research project please provide details of the project and the relevant funding bodies below.

  • Does the project require any illustration?  Please indicate if you envisage including any of the following and, if so, approximately how many.

  • Are there any other particular features you plan for the project?

  • When do you realistically propose to deliver a final typescript?

  • Please provide names and affiliations of 3-5 academics in your area who might be well-positioned to evaluate the project and offer feedback. Note that we may not necessarily use these suggestions.  


6. Author Information

  • Please provide complete contact information for yourself and any co-authors/co-editors below and a short biography as well as a full CV for each author/editor. For edited collections please provide the names and affiliations (but not full contact details) of all contributors as well. Include date of birth and nationality for copyright purposes. Include any personal or professional information relevant to this publication – previous books, related teaching/research experience. Include details of any social media activity you use to promote your work – e.g. blogs, personal websites, use of Twitter or Facebook, etc.