​The Regimes Museum offers many different opportunities for you to lend your support or participate in. For more information or to get involved with any of these projects, please contact us.


The museum archive offers students and scholars an opportunity to explore, research, and examine material and objects in our holdings for historical and academic purposes. For more information or to set up a meeting for further consultation please contact us at


The museum produces and screens documentaries and short films to help bring rare and exclusive stories and interviews to the public. This project was launched with the May 2015 screening of our collaborative film Schwarz Weiss. Since making professional documentary films is an expensive and resource consuming process, supporting our media and cinematic documentary production program is another way of helping us share our educational and artistic media projects with the world.


Museums thrive off of the community they serve. To help us with our projects, goals, and to better serve the community, we seek enthusiastic volunteers and donations including but not limited to financial contributions, storage, preservation, and display  materials as well as artifacts, historical documents, and oral histories. Donations of these types, regardless of volume, size, or amount, are all indispensable and greatly needed in order to find a permanent home, support the museum’s mission, and make our holdings accessible to the public. Your participation in our endeavor also helps us serve veterans and our community.

Your generous donations of time, money, artifacts and / or preservation material makes you a part of our story and contributes to the legacy of the Regimes Museum. To commemorate those who have gone above and beyond, we offer a variety of ways to show you our appreciation for your generosity. If you wish to learn more and become a part of our history, please contact us at


The Regimes Museum will provide a strong foundation in educational and historical literacy in a time when funding for these programs is increasingly being threatened. Regardless of financial status, history should be accessible to all, which is why the Regimes Museum will also establish an Educational Access Fund, made possible by a grant donations. This fund will award grants of up to $400 to low income designated schools to help underwrite the cost of bus transportation to the Regimes Museum Exhibit. This fund requires support and grant funds to help us in our educational mission. Please contact us if you wish to contribute to this program at


The Regimes Museum strives to serve scholars, professors, teachers, students, and the community as a whole by providing, among exhibitions and other programs, curricula for use in academic settings for students and teachers. To make the study of the phenomenon of tyranny and dictatorship and topics surrounding this theme easier for students of history, we have and continue to develop learning material for use in the classroom. Curriculum can include topics such as the interactions and relations between regimes and their neighbors in the local international community as well as internal issues and topics as well. If you wish to contribute curriculum or would like to volunteer in our education program, please contact us at


Regimes Museum events come in many forms and are public as well as private. To date, there is no museum that focuses on the phenomenon of repressive regimes as a whole. Therefore, the Regimes Museum offers experiences and insights not available elsewhere. Events consist of either one or a combination of the following: traveling exhibitions, talks, and screenings of documentaries as well as dinners, displays, galas, veteran support events, and fundraisers.


The main museum exhibition focuses on seven dictatorships, where the everyday life of ordinary citizens, the state apparatus, personalities, and the military and associated conflicts make up the central topics for each regime. The exhibits are designed to give visitors a well rounded perspective on the reality of life under dictatorships across a diverse cultural spectrum. Visiting and collaborative exhibits offer visitors the opportunity to explore regimes not discussed in the permanent collection or to focus on specific aspects of totalitarianism.


The Regimes Museum provides expert historical consulting to businesses, film production studios, historical projects, and other organizations looking to learn more about history.


The Regimes Museum offers internship opportunities to university students to expand their horizons by helping the team with its core programming and educational mission. Joining us through our internship program can enrich your academic pursuits and expose you to the type of work typical for a museum, including archival research and cataloging, promoting academic research, publishing work on our blog and in the RM Journal, setting up or assisting with the development of exhibitions, events, and programs, as well as participating in other projects listed here. While internships can be tailored towards certain goals, interested individuals will be tasked with completing a project (emphasis may vary depending on your field of interest) that will be shared either through our blog or other public platforms. Please contact us at to find out more about our internship program.


The Regimes Museum Oral History Project, also known as the Regimes Museum Sessions program, strives to preserve the reality of what life was like for individuals and/or families who lived under or fought against a repressive authoritarian dictatorship. We believe that in order to capture a piece of the reality, preserving, recording, and sharing first hand accounts with scholars, history researchers, and the public is a powerful method of keeping the memory of these detrimental yet significant historical events alive. We wish to save not only artifacts but also personal histories so that future generations can gain a better comprehension of the past that so fundamentally affects the world of today. If you want to learn more, share your story, or wish to volunteer to promote this program, please contact us at


The Regimes Museum, as well as museum supporters, historians, and team members publish scholarship, research material, and other educational resources to advance the core study of tyranny, dictatorship, conflict, and warfare including other historical topics in general. To view a selection of publications contributed by our team, please visit the Publications page or contact us at for more information.


This service is intended to connect new students of history with easy to access and comprehend articles on topics related to the core study areas of the Museum. Contributions come from Museum staff, volunteers, interns, and students interested in history. The Blog is also intended for publishing material directly related to objects in our holdings so that the general public can participate in discovering what volunteers and interns are learning and researching at Regimes Museum.


The RM Journal is a dedicated publication for academics, scholars, and students to have an opportunity to publish their research while enjoying the works of other contributors as well. The RM Journal is intended for professional research articles that deal with human rights issues, repressive regimes, war, and other topics related to these general fields. This publication is also open to veterans and historical eyewitnesses to share their stories with the public. For more information about the RM Journal, please visit the Publications page or contact us at



The Regimes Museum Press, or RM Press, is our effort to become an in-house publisher for authors and researchers. The RM Press is an endeavor to bring non-fiction academic publications in the general fields of history and political science to scholars and students. This service started as an off-shoot of the RM Journal and aims to provide a platform for the publication and distribution of full manuscripts instead of articles. Publications are available in paperback and are sold through and book prices are subject to production costs. On submission, your proposal will be read by the appropriate commissioning editor at RM Press who will, if necessary, discuss it with colleagues and/or send it for review by one or more external advisers chosen by us for their specialist and/or market expertise. We are committed to making publishing decisions as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Having a publishing house requires editors, typesetters, designers, and a project review board among other resources. Distribution of a published manuscript is available for purchase at the Museum Store and online via To expand distribution methods and marketing, designated funding would help us with our educational mission.



The Regimes Museum Podcast project is a podcast for museum staff, historians, regime survivors, historical eye witnesses, and authors to share their research and stories with the world. In an effort to make resources available to our audience, RM Podcast strives to explore the topics pertinent to our mission and make it easily accessible to the public. Contact us at if you wish to participate or become a guest on our podcast.



We wish to make our holdings accessible to scholars and students to promote research and support the museum’s mission. Contact us at to inquire about materials we have in our holdings or to set up an appointment for further consultation.


In an effort to show our support to local veterans for their service, the Veterans Support Project aims to make life a little easier for our servicemen who reside in local hospitals and assisted living institutions. If you wish to get involved or would like to donate items to be sent to veteran’s homes and hospitals in Orange County, please contact us at


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