We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization looking to make the world a better place. The museum's focus—authoritarianism across history and culture—is a dark one. Many lives have been lost or impacted as a result of tyranny and dictatorship. Our mission is to change this. By preserving information, material culture, and oral histories associated with authoritarian societies, we aim to spread awareness about them: how they are created, what it is like to live within them, and how atrocities can not only be committed, but justified, by these societies. We hope to see this pattern come to an end. Find out more below:






January 19, 2022

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that our Berlin Trip has been cancelled until further notice. While we were truly looking forward to this experience, we have made this decision due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and the importance of our guests' safety. We hope to reinstate the trip as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, stay tuned - we have more Museum programming planned for the year to come!